Well, it seems to have been a couple of hectic weeks since we last spoke to you – and once again it is both the sea and our coast path that have featured so highly for our guests. Have you seen any of Paul Roses BBC1 programmes featuring the SouthWest Coast Path? Stunning photography – and he breezed thru Falmouth last night – stopping briefly to fire a cannon from our very own Pendennis Castle!  You’ve still time to watch ‘our’ section of the path –  www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b07v8bhz/coastal-path-episode-3

Once again the wonderful Walking Women based themselves here at Falmouth Lodge Backpackers and took a good deal more time than Paul Rose, but easily had as much fun, exploring our beautiful coast and countryside.

And only a couple of days ago – we squeezed the inspiring Tom Clancy in at the last minute – for a treat-night in one of our comfy beds!  He was almost at the end of his three-month expedition, walking and mostly camping, on a more extensive walk from John’O Groats to Lands End, raising funds to challenge perceptions of Mental Health and OCD  – ‘four days to go’ he said – ‘not quite sure what I’m going to do when it’s done’!!  We sent him off with some extra sandwiches and fruit juice that craves at every stop because he can’t bring himself to carry anything more.  https://ocdwalk.com

backpackers-5bSpeaking of sandwiches – how’s this for a mid-race fuel snack that our guests racing in the 2016 Half-Ton Cup prepared each morning!!


Many of our guests are an inspiration to us – their efforts and achievements – we love hearing their stories and it makes us want to go out and give stuff a go.

I hope the 69-year-old Bobbi who stayed here with her granddaughter won’t mind me telling you that because she went off Paddleboarding with WeSUP for the first time in her life!  She sneaked off without telling me until afterwards so I don’t have any photos for you – but as a result, I took our lovely volunteer Helene, to say thank you for helping us.  She wouldn’t go alone – so here we both are – suited n boarded – ready for action! We had such fun – thank you Sophie (and Sean from www.wesup.co.uk ) for wetting my appetite on that one.  Such an easy way to just get out on the water and enjoy it.

We’ve also had a small group of brave Hens staying who were impressive in the feasts that they created for themselves but  even more so in that they didn’t waver from a Kayaking afternoon with Gylly Adventures in probably the worst day or weather that we’ve had all summer – sheet rain and howling winds meant that they launched safely up the Fal estuary They came back soaked of course and laughing, but I wouldn’t mind betting that one of the highlights was warming their bums on our Aga afterwards!


This week we still have a trickle of holidaymakers – but many of our guests are Falmouth University students returning for Graduation with their families.

CONGRATULATIONS to you all – especially Helen – who some of you will have met.  She first arrived here as one of our guests but has also worked for us from time to time during her studies – and has come back with the best graduation hat ever!!




We are OPEN!!

Come and enjoy Cornwall again from Falmouth Lodge – right next to the beach too!


We are offering an exciting new option, to get you together with your Family and Friends: rent out the whole house for your own family or group (up to 12/14 beds) exclusively, at an affordable rate. What could be better than all being together again and only two minutes from the beach?

Our room configurations have changed, so as to give everyone more space, and we have a lovely big dining room now, as well as our comfy lounge – both with plenty of space for you all. Of course, extra cleaning policies have also been implemented to keep you all, as well as our crew, safe.  Check out the website for availability and best prices.


As always, you get the best price by booking directly with us. But, please call if you have any particular queries. 

See you soon!!

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