The customer is always right, at least mine are. So at the request of many people who have stayed with me over the years and want to know about live at Falmouth Lodge Backpackers, here is my first Blog! My only problem is where to start – because there is soooooo much going on!

The English summer sees us enjoying much of our days outside (well – Monday might have been an exception!) whether we want to brave the waves and stomp over the clifftops or chatter away with new friends or old folks over a glass of something – even quietly soak up the sun in a favourite sheltered spot

The BBQ’s are out; the musicians are out; and event organisers are excelling themselves in bringing us all manner of interest, education and entertainment to suit our fancy.

This picture that greeted me at the bottom of our stairs on Sunday morning made me stop and realise just quite how varied our guests at Falmouth Lodge Backpackers are – so how indeed to start writing so as to appeal to them all?

falmouth lodge backpacjkers lots of shoes
Suffice to say – all kinds come through here and all are welcome.

Last week some of the FLB crew (sadly not all – someone has to man base camp) went to see yet another brilliant Kneehigh production in their summer Asylum tent in the Lost Gardens of Heligan.
An astounding show of colour and movement and music telling the love story of the Jewish artist Marc Chagall in Russian Revolutionary times – took me into another world for a couple of hours.

The other highlight last week must be going down to Falmouth Harbour with a bunch of guests (less than ten mins walk), to witness the arrival of five fantastic women on the completion of their incredible voyage – rowing for 49 days across the Atlantic from New York – the first ever womens group to do so. We had the pleasure of hosting two of their supporters at the last minute because these amazing women arrived earlier than expected!
It was too exciting to miss – even at 6am and lovely to see our local WeSUP paddleboarders escorting them in, along with family and friends.

female crew
Staying with a nautical theme, Falmouth Week – starting shoreside TONIGHT with a million Pink Wigs!! is hosting over 200 yachts racing over the next eight days. To see so many boats under sail is a fantastic sight. Looking forward to watching the racing when time allows.
We’ll also be watching the Gylly Beach Triathlon on Sunday.
Over the month I’ve seen the local teams training, so good luck to everyone taking part.

And apart from that – Gyllygvase Beach is actually at its most beautiful – especially in the quiet of my early morning swim but it is pretty special to watch so many families and children delight in the clear water, clean sand and warm sunshine, only two minutes from our front door.
And so – do we BBQ on the beach or at home – we took the easy option – at home!
Falmouth Lodge Backpackers has it all (well – almost) !!


Falmouth Lodge Backpackers has been thinking long and hard about re-opening after the Covid19 lockdown.  It certainly saddens us, but we really feel, “hand-on-heart” that we will not be able to keep you as Covid-Safe as we would be comfortable with, at this point in time, and in the current environment.

We are therefore, not going to open this year, but will be re-opening in the Spring of 2021 with newly organised rooms, giving everyone more space, plus extra bathroom procedures installed, for everyone’s health protection.  We will also be promoting the exciting option of renting the whole hostel for your large family, or group, holiday by the sea, in Cornwall!!

The essence of hostelling is on the enjoyment of shared accommodation and socialising spaces, so we really hope that we’ll be able to return to this again next year when we will know even more about this virus, and may have developed better ways of living with it.


Wishing you all a great summer; STAY WELL, and see you next year!! 


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