The answer is LOTS – and its hugely varied……

For a start were enjoying some fabulous bright sunny days so south west coast path stomping comes number one for me. The best is always if you can include lunch in the pub too! Bring your wellies…….Cheers!

We also have two gorgeous estuaries that are easy to explore from our door as well as a number of beautiful gardens – such different views in winter with much of the bigger plants having dropped their foliage. Not forgetting that spring always comes first in Cornwall!!

In fact I found some daffodils to take up country for Christmas this year.


Falmouth and Penryn offer a huge variety of activities to get or keep you fit after that Christmas season of indulgence.

Many of which welcome ‘drop-in’ visits from our guests – we have a couple of specialised Gym’s plus those in our hotels often offer Spa deals thrown in at this time of year; also a number of Yoga and Pilates studios. St Micheal’s hotel is closest to us as well as Falmouth Sports Club and Falmouth Yoga Space in town.

Yoga with Lucinda from Penryn is my favourite ( and her Saturday morning class in the Zed-Shed is one of the best – after doing yoga in the Zed-Shed with its under floor heating and curved glass windows capturing the riveride light…….you will never go back to a chilly village hall again.


Our local ‘Poly Society’ located right in the centre of town shows an eclectic mix of fringe films on Monday and Tuesday nights as well as avaried programme of exhibitions, theatre, lectures and workshops. Check out

For the brave and hardy Sure Swim Kernow – and Sea Kayaking Cornwall – continue offering their courses and treks for both beginners and experienced folks. We recently had a Spanish Film Animator staying who said that rolling in cold Cornish waves was the best way that he could re-connect with the real feeling world whilst working thru winter – always in the dark and never having got it right until the final film was released!

Dont forget your pasty either!! Thankyou Simon

Photo Credit Simon Osborne (copyright Simon Osborne)


But – you must check out WESup Paddleboarding – – apparently the fastest growing

water-sport in the world ar the mo. And only 2minutes from our door – they are offering activity and adventure vouchers for their re-opening on March 1st – with brilliant discounts – so many opportunities to be had there to explore and enjoy the area on the water……..and if youre very clever you might even not get get wet!!

Alonside all this activity we are lucky enough to have such a large number of pubs offering live music for free – from The Front’s Monday nights of traditional Cornish Dancing and Live Jazz at The Shipwrights – to the Jacobs Ladder open mic nights plus many that have regular evening slots for you to enjoy new and up and coming artists.

I can remember visiting Falmouth a number of years ago and finding a pretty impressive selection of three different live artists to choose to listen to on a mid-week night in February…..a very good reason to come and live here!

Good luck to the fab. Polly Money – one of our favourites


So there we are – back to cosy Pubs w log fires and fab food – ooooops – could there be a theme here?

One that warrants some research for Falmouth Lodge Backpackers News purposes !!??

(I can feel some Sunday Lunches coming on…………)

Falmouth Lodge Backpackers has been thinking long and hard about re-opening after the Covid19 lockdown.  It certainly saddens us, but we really feel, “hand-on-heart” that we will not be able to keep you as Covid-Safe as we would be comfortable with, at this point in time, and in the current environment.

We are therefore, not going to open this year, but will be re-opening in the Spring of 2021 with newly organised rooms, giving everyone more space, plus extra bathroom procedures installed, for everyone’s health protection.  We will also be promoting the exciting option of renting the whole hostel for your large family, or group, holiday by the sea, in Cornwall!!

The essence of hostelling is on the enjoyment of shared accommodation and socialising spaces, so we really hope that we’ll be able to return to this again next year when we will know even more about this virus, and may have developed better ways of living with it.


Wishing you all a great summer; STAY WELL, and see you next year!! 


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