What a week we’ve had……the breeze has held, and the sun has shone – so there’s been some fabulous sailing for all our sailors and our visitors.

Shoreside we seem to have had everything from Pink Wigs thru Blues Band to Red Arrows – who once again excelling themselves – however many times you see them, your heart always ends up in your mouth!

A real scoop was being able to see “The Shires” – the British country/rock duo – fresh from Glastonbury and playing a one off gig in Events Square – less than ten minutes away.


Fantastic fireworks last night – and its still not over yet.

In fact before the night before the fireworks guests who arrived late having driven up from London after work went to the beach and were treated with a spectacular shooting star show from the Persaid Meteor Shower – and there’s still a few days to catch it if you can!!

Gylly Beach Triathalon is happening right on our doorstep on Sunday ……  Goooooooooo guys!!

Flushing Sailing Club – five minutes across the harbour from Falmouth – is hosting the Half-Ton Classic Cup 2016 and we are lucky enough to have one of the Crews of these lovely boats arriving to stay the week with us – more about that next time – but if you’re interested in joining a crew do check out the website www.halftonclass.co.uk and become part of it!


And alongside all this we have hikers, bikers, kayakers and cyclists passing through – enjoying our comfy beds and hot showers as a respite from their respective challenges.
It was great this week to have the lovely Dorothy staying who’s old school planning involved OS maps spread out on the living room floor being cross-referenced with South West Coast Path Guides, whilst consuming enormous slices of Pizza!!

Dorothy, Maria Francesca and Andrew – heading East!