Green Sustainable Practice


We encourage our guests to get outside and enjoy what Falmouth and Cornwall has to offer, both ashore and on the sea.  But alongside this we try to promote a eco-conscious approach to our business and our practices. We try to alert our guests to the responsibility that we all share to look after our planet and encourage them to think about ways in which they too can make changes – however small.

Our sustainable practise aims at reducing energy and water consumption as well as working towards reducing our environmental impact by eliminating or re-cycling plastic wherever we can.

  • We have installed an inline water filter tap with a notice to encourage guest to re-fill drinking bottles
  • We use all Bio or Ecover natural cleaning products – adding Tea tree oil, powerful and natural, to our general cleaner
  • We have Eco-flush toilet cisterns
  • We have instant water heating showers to avoid un-necessary water heating
  • We recycle relentlessly
  • We no-longer use single-use plastic bin liners in our rooms
  • Our Aga in the kitchen is not only for cooking but provides hot water in the washbasins in the rooms and for washing up – and it also means that we can dry almost all of our laundry overnight on the rack above – so our tumble dryer is barely used
  • Careful use of our dishwasher reduces excess water use and wastage but also increases the overall hygiene of our kitchen
  • We actively and practically support and promote Surfers Against Sewage recommendations
  • We support and participate in local community environmental initiatives – such as Clean Ocean Sailing, Beach cleans, Plastic Free Falmouth and Plastic Free Tremough

We hope to share this consciousness in a way that makes sense and that simple every-day changes will lead us all to a more sustainable world.

eco friendly hostel in Falmouth


eco friendly hostel in Falmouth

Falmouth Lodge Backpackers has been thinking long and hard about re-opening after the Covid19 lockdown.  It certainly saddens us, but we really feel, “hand-on-heart” that we will not be able to keep you as Covid-Safe as we would be comfortable with, at this point in time, and in the current environment.

We are therefore, not going to open this year, but will be re-opening in the Spring of 2021 with newly organised rooms, giving everyone more space, plus extra bathroom procedures installed, for everyone’s health protection.  We will also be promoting the exciting option of renting the whole hostel for your large family, or group, holiday by the sea, in Cornwall!!

The essence of hostelling is on the enjoyment of shared accommodation and socialising spaces, so we really hope that we’ll be able to return to this again next year when we will know even more about this virus, and may have developed better ways of living with it.


Wishing you all a great summer; STAY WELL, and see you next year!! 


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