And so – returning from a break in the Antipodes – where staying in a hostel in Raglan NZ, quietly having my supper, when someone sits down next to me with his………he came from Falmouth and had been Life-guarding on Gylly beach this summer!!! – I find Falmouth Lodge Backpackers well into the throes of Christmastime in Cornwall

The Christmas lights are on – late night shopping and Christmas Craft Fayres in full swing – Santa’s fun run was a little – should we say – waterlogged – but nevertheless, great fun was had by all.

Crispy mornings and spectacular sunrises – well south of Pendennis Castle at this time of year – it’s easy to understand how peoples have worshipped that golden orb as it rises out of the sea in all its orange-red glory – bringing light and warmth………it never fails to astound me.



Often I struggle with the long dark evenings but as Airbnb says – it’s the ‘snuggle season’ and our log fire is stoked most evenings by guests keeping cosy – chatting and sharing – listening and laughing – more and more often our guitar gets pulled out and we enjoy our own live music here – even before heading out to discover what talent is lurking in our pubs in town.

Autumn colours – walking in wellies; winter woollies; hats ‘n’ gloves; kicking through leaves; mysterious mists rolling out of the Carrick Roads; and gentle wintery sunshine – (maybe even a chilly dip in the ocean!!) all part of Christmastime in Cornwall
Ultimately – what can be better than sitting in the sun – outside the pub – for Sunday lunch on the 11th December!!!


Just in case you wondered how we became voted the Best Coastal Community in UK!!

Falmouth Lodge Backpackers has been thinking long and hard about re-opening after the Covid19 lockdown.  It certainly saddens us, but we really feel, “hand-on-heart” that we will not be able to keep you as Covid-Safe as we would be comfortable with, at this point in time, and in the current environment.

We are therefore, not going to open this year, but will be re-opening in the Spring of 2021 with newly organised rooms, giving everyone more space, plus extra bathroom procedures installed, for everyone’s health protection.  We will also be promoting the exciting option of renting the whole hostel for your large family, or group, holiday by the sea, in Cornwall!!

The essence of hostelling is on the enjoyment of shared accommodation and socialising spaces, so we really hope that we’ll be able to return to this again next year when we will know even more about this virus, and may have developed better ways of living with it.


Wishing you all a great summer; STAY WELL, and see you next year!! 


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